Signs You need a New Electrical Panel

An electrical panel (breaker box) is a highly critical safety feature. It’s designed to distribute power to your home’s various circuits safely. Not only will a bad electrical panel create a fire hazard, but it can also lead to your household appliances being damaged. Here are the most significant signs you need electrical panel replacement

Your Electrical Panel Is Too Old

 If your breaker box is more than 25 years old, now is an excellent time to seek electrical panel replacement. Over the years, general wear and tear can shorten the system’s lifespan. The federal government also found some older electrical panels to have faulty breakers. This means they may not trip when there’s a circuit overload. The best approach is not to take any unnecessary chances.

Burnt Smells Coming from the Breaker Box or Wall Outlets

 When wall outlets and breaker boxes begin to overheat, they often produce a burning odor. The wall insulation and wood can be charged once the plastic jacket that protects the electrical wiring melts. You should call a professional as soon as possible. Before making the necessary repairs, electrical panel replacement is likely needed. 

Electrical Panel Replacement: Lights Often Flicker

 When there’s a storm in the area, it’s not uncommon for there to be a momentary disruption of power. This ultimately causes the lights to flicker on and off. Electrical panel replacement could be required if your lights frequently flicker during perfect weather. A failing breaking box can cause the lights to go dim while you’re using certain appliances, including the microwave and vacuum cleaner. 

Frequent Tripping of the Breaker

 Circuit breakers are supposed to trip in certain situations. When you try to use too much electricity in a particular part of your home, expect the circuit breaker to cut power. However, take note of breaker tripping that suddenly occurs out of the blue. Aside from being a safety concern, this issue is also a significant inconvenience. Whether you’re in the middle of watching a good movie or typing on a laptop, the breaker could abruptly trip. Electrical panel replacement could prove to be the solution. 

Rust Has Formed On the Breaker Box

 It’s always a good idea to periodically inspect your breaker box for signs of rust. This may indicate water damage. While you should not rule out a plumbing leak, the humidity levels in your home could also be too high. Nevertheless, the problem needs to be addressed right away. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. 

Hear Noises Near the Breaker Box

 It’s normal for a breaker box to produce a slight humming sound. However, you never want to hear any crackling or hissing noises. You could be dealing with a loose wire. Even worse, there could be something frying on the inside. Call a professional electrician to check things out. After inspecting the breaker box, they may find that electrical panel replacement is needed.