Underground Leak Repair In Frederick, MD

Underground leak repair is a service often done by professionals because of the skills involved and the time required to perform the procedure correctly. Problems with the actual water pipes cause many underground leaks. The nature of the problem must be accurately identified before planning your underground leak repair strategy.

Why Do Underground Leaks Happen?

Cracks in the pipes can initiate leakage; however, in other cases, the pipe might be eroded by age or extreme weather. Every joint in the system could be a site of potential leakage, so identifying the cause of the leak is critical.

Identifying the Leaks

Signs of leakage can be visible or hidden within the confines of the structure. Many leaks will continue for a period of time before anyone notices that an underground leak repair is needed. Water often accumulates out of sight before there is a spillover into an area of the home where people can see the problem.

Secondary signals can alert you to the presence of an underground leak. You might see a sudden spike in your water bills. Another common leak indicator is aberrant or erratic readings on your water meter. Check if this continues after turning all of the water lines off. Faucet pressure can indicate a leak; low pressure is a positive test. Finally, check the areas around the water lines outside to see if the ground is swollen or soft with excess moisture.

Underground Leak Dangers

Underground leaks can certainly cause irritation, but are they dangerous? Sinkholes have the potential to cause harm under some conditions and circumstances, so don’t rule out the possibility that this is a hazard.

Mold and mildew can affect the quality of the air you breathe into your lungs. The underground leak might be happening beneath your basement floor, for example. This can lead to the room being filled with a mossy odor that is harmful to inhale.

Other Safety Concerns

Underground leak repair can be done if you have the appropriate tools and skills; however, many people will leave this task to a plumbing professional because of the safety issues involved. For example, the utility line must be identified before digging. In addition, the depth of the water pipes may vary depending on your region.

Trench digging can be dangerous to others in the area, and this liability is part of the project if you undertake it. For example, pets and children might wander near the area when you’re not working on the trench, and you might be held liable for injuries. Trenches can easily collapse even if they’re shallow.

Underground Leak Repair Professionals

Locating the water pipe is just the beginning of the project. You will also have to cut the line and solder the pipe together using a welding torch. This water line supplies your home with water, so the stakes are pretty high. If you doubt your ability to do this job correctly, hire an underground leak repair expert to do it for you.