Get the Special Brooketacular Treatment

Wenbrooke’s Brooketacular Treatment for your furnace is soooo much better than a tuneup.  Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Your furnace won’t break down (all winter, or we’ll refund your money)
  • It’ll save you $$ every month (up to 25% off your furnace energy costs)
  • Your system will last longer (up to twice as long!)
  • Keeps your family SAFE from dangerous carbon monoxide
  • You’ll be more comfortable…


Schedule Your $137 Brooketacular Treatment

Wenbrooke’s Brooketacular Treatment is more excellent than any cheap tune-up or standard maintenance you’ve ever received.  Here’s why…

Dirt is the #1 enemy of furnaces.

It causes them to work harder, wear out faster and break down more often.  In fact, 95% of breakdowns are caused by dirt and debris.  And just a 1/8” layer of dust decreases the efficiency of your furnace by 25%.  That’s why every Brooketacular treatment starts with a thorough inspection and cleaning of your system.

We’ll show you all your components, how dirty they are at the beginning and how they shine with love when we’re done.  Your system will run more efficiently and warm your house better.  And a system that runs easier causes less strain, so components can last up to twice as long.  But cleaning your components is only the start of our process.

Your furnace’s factory settings shift over time.

Dirt buildup degrades your system, so we check every fan, coil and electrical component and re-calibrate your entire furnace to peak efficiency.  If you were counting, you’d find 22 different system checks to make sure we’ve covered everything.  All that love and attention translates to stronger, warmer air making everyone in your home feel as comfortable as possible.

Being so thorough also catches other parts about to fail.  Yes, we’ll show you what’s really going on with your furnace and (because additional repairs are a separate cost from this service) we’ll of course give you the option* to fix anything else that may be wrong. The cost of a small repair today can often prevent the cost of a major breakdown tomorrow.

Wenbrooke believes in SAFETY

Built-in to your Brooketacular Treatment is a comprehensive safety check of your furnace. This includes inspecting your heat exchanger for leaks and using our futuristic tools to detect even the faintest trace of carbon monoxide.

We’ll report to you what we find, and when we’re done restoring your system to like new condition, you’ll have peace of mind that you and your family are protected from deadly carbon monoxide, saving you from headaches, nausea, or even death.

The Brooketacular Treatment HAD to be excellent to be named after my incredible wife.

Every day I watch how she takes care of our 4 kids and makes all our lives much more enjoyable.  So I thought, “how could we make one truly stunning service that would make her life more comfy and be far better than what most Heating companies offer?”

With the help of my team, we reimagined the idea of a tune-up and came up with this service to give your system the most love possible.  The result is a furnace that blows warmer, lasts longer, saves you money every month and won’t break down all winter.

Oh, and It all costs $137,

a real price for the Brooketacular treatment.  We’ll never discount it or reduce the level of service, because the best ain’t cheap.  And, I would never give my wife anything less than what she deserves.  She’s by far the best of us.  I’m pretty sure you feel that way about the people you love as well.

(*We should also mention that should you decide not to follow our recommendations, we can’t guarantee your system won’t breakdown all winter.  That would be like guaranteeing no problems on a roller coaster ride with only one, loose bolt holding it together).

Fill out the contact form below or call (240) 394-1500, and we’ll hook you up.

– John Wenman