Pipe Repair In Frederick, MD

Most older homes in Frederick, MD, contain copper pipes. Once these pipes reach 50 years old, they’re prone to corrosion, cracking, and other types of failure. A plumbing leak won’t take long to cause considerable damage to a home’s walls, floors, and foundation. At Wenbrooke Services, we offer accurate pipe repair throughout Frederick and the surrounding area.

Locate the Leak

The first step in any pipe repair is locating the leak. A wet spot or stain on the wall or ceiling might not be where the leak is. Water flows in the path of least resistance, and it may trickle many feet away from the pipe. We use infrared cameras and other methods for finding leaky pipes in interior walls, underground, and under concrete slabs. We may need to remove drywall, ceiling tile, or flooring to access a leaky pipe in your home.

Small Pipe Repair Options

 Many pipe leaks are small and quick to fix. Some of the methods used by our plumbers include

  • Sleeves
  • Clamps
  • Specialty tape
  • Epoxy putty


 A pipe sleeve is a slightly larger size of pipe that fits around a smaller diameter of the pipe. This type of pipe repair is quick, and the sleeve lasts as long as the pipe.


 We use pipe clamps to fix minor leaks in pipes. Made of metal and a rubber pad, the clamps fit over the leaking area. Installing a clamp only takes a few minutes.

Specialty Tape

Our plumbers fix tiny holes in pipes with specialty tape. This type of tape seals the hole. Specialty tapes for plumbing are stretchy, and they create a strong bond with the copper pipe. The adhesive in the tape is activated by water. The tape takes one to two hours to dry, so you’ll need to wait a brief time before using fixtures connected to the pipe.

Epoxy Putty

If a hole in a pipe is more significant than a pin’s head, our plumbers fill it with epoxy putty. This putty conforms to the hole and bonds with the pipe, creating a tight seal. The epoxy needs a couple of hours of curing time, so you’ll need to wait until it hardens before you use any fixture serviced by that pipe.

Solutions for Pipe Repair

When a large leak springs from a pipe, our plumbers may need to replace the section with the leak. We cut the damaged pipe, file the edges, install a replacement segment and attach a new fitting. The new pipe is soldered or fixed into place with a push-connect fitting.

A leaking pipe is never a good situation. It won’t fix itself, and waiting could result in a total failure of the pipe and flooding in your home. You can count on us at Wenbrooke Services when you need expert pipe repairs. We complete the pipe repair in a timely and thorough manner. For more information or to schedule Frederick pipe repair services, contact us at Wenbrooke Services today.