Electrical Inspections Frederick, MD

Your household wiring doesn’t last forever. Outdated equipment can cause fires and electrocutions, and that’s before you even begin counting the risks to your expensive computers and appliances. With one meager power surge, you can see the end of that flat-screen television that keeps you company on lazy Sunday afternoons. Your home needs an electrical inspection every decade. Before you buy, sell, or upgrade your property, you also need its electrical systems tested for safety.

Call Wenbrooke Services to schedule an appointment at 240-394-1500. We’ll keep you compliant with national and state-level codes.

Electrical Inspections in Maryland

Electrical inspections address every aspect of your wiring, including:

  • Identifying hazards
  • Ensuring that permanent wiring is fully covered
  • Identifying exposed wires
  • Looking for outdated equipment
  • Checking that all safety switches are fully operational
  • Testing power points
  • Identifying dangerous DIY wiring
  • Testing smoke alarms and making sure they’re correctly placed
  • Assessing any electrical devices that aren’t compliant with government regulations

Wenbrooke Services is a team of licensed electricians who understand the nuances of the National Electrical Code. We’re as thorough as we are price-transparent because we think old-fashioned values belong in the present day. We perform code corrections that you can trust. Call us at 240-394-1500.

The Benefits of Electrical Inspections

Waiting for accidents before repairing your electrical equipment is courting disaster. When your family’s welfare is at risk, prevention is more than a luxury, it’s a duty — and it’s one that Wenbrooke Services takes seriously. The National Electric Code states that electrical upgrades and installations must be preceded by an inspection by a licensed electrician. Your equipment is also required, by law, to meet the National Fire Protection Association’s stringent minimum requirements. Our services can prevent a host of hazards, from lost lives to property breakages. Our inspections can prevent malfunctions and fires, which in turn keeps your house safe. To secure your safety, contact Wenbrooke Services at 240-394-1500.

What to Expect from an Electrical Inspection

Electrical inspections entail a comprehensive assessment of every part of your electrical system, from its wires to its components. The National Electrical Code includes a precise list of inspection items, so it’s important to hire an inspector who’s compliant. We will:

  • Verify that you’re using the right wattage light bulbs
  • Check the condition of your outlets
  • Identify shock and electrocution threats
  • Make sure your arc fault circuit interrupters are working as they should
  • Confirm that your grounding system is fully functional
  • Validate your surge protection
  • Make sure your smoke detectors are placed properly and fully operational
  • Inspect your electrical panel’s labeling, operation, and amperage
  • Assess your outdoor electrics
  • Write up a comprehensive report of your electrical system.

Everything from washers and dryers to phones and chargers places a demand on your circuits. Overloads can cause fires, so inspections will ensure that they aren’t occurring. Unlicensed handymen can cause serious electrical hazards, so call our licensed professionals at Wenbrooke Services at 240-394-1500 to schedule an inspection.

How Often Do You Need an Inspection?

While inspections are required every 10 years, your household needs to be compliant with the National Electrical Code Corrections that are released every three years. When you become part of the Wenbrooke family, you can feel safe in the knowledge that we’ll keep you up to date with those changes. You should also schedule an inspection:

  • Before a home upgrade
  • After doing your own electrical work
  • If your home has never been inspected since you bought it
  • After you experience storm damage
  • When you get new homeowners insurance

Code violations come with heavy fines, so trust Wenbrooke Services to keep you in the clear. Call us on 240-394-1500.