Water Heater Repair

Your home’s water heater provides you with warm water on demand. It works around the clock to maintain a full hot water supply, and such heavy use can result in wear and tear over time. If you are concerned about the health of this important plumbing feature, now is the time to schedule a water heater repair service for your home.

Signs You Need to Schedule Water Heater Repair Service

You could notice several signs indicating the need for a water heater repair service. Perhaps the most common issue is a lack of hot water available. This may be lukewarm water or warm water water heater repairthat quickly turns cold. Other issues may be present as well. For example, you may notice an unusual smell when you run the hot water. There may be sediment in the water, or the water may be discolored. Whether you have noticed these or other concerning issues, now is the right time to schedule a repair service with our team.

What to Do Before You Schedule Repair Service

You understandably do not want to unnecessarily set up an appointment for water heater repair work. There are a few things that you can do before you call. For example, the pilot light on a gas water heater may go out occasionally, so ensure that the pilot light is lit. You can also check if hot water is supplied to other faucets throughout the home. If it is, the problem may not lie with the water heater. Our techs can diagnose the root cause of the problem when we arrive.

Deciding If It Is Time to Replace Your Water Heater

In some cases, replacing an old water heater may be better than sinking money into a repair. As a water heater ages, repair issues become more frequent. Because of this and because newer systems are more efficient, you could save money overall by making an upgrade. The average water heater has a life of between 10 and 12 years, but there is some variation. Based on the system’s age and repair needs, you can make a smart decision that is ideal for your home and budget.

Request Water Heater Repair Service for Your Home

There is never a good time to be without access to hot water in your home. After all, hot water serves important purposes daily, from showering and cleaning to running appliances and more. The best time to schedule a water heater repair service is at the first sign of trouble. To request service for your home, contact our team of plumbing specialists today.