Electronic Leak Detection In Frederick, MD

When it comes to your home’s plumbing, there are several potential problems you need to watch out for. You may have heard your plumber refer to electronic leak detection in the past. While it might sound complicated, the actual concept is reasonably straightforward. 

What Is Electronic Leak Detection?

 Modern homes are generally constructed on slabs of concrete. While these slabs are excellent for stability, they do have problems. Because of how concrete works, you can have a water leak for a long time without noticing it. 

 Over time, a small leak can end up causing significant issues. Fortunately, electronic leak detection makes finding small leaks reasonably simple. An electronic leak detector can discover these tiny leaks by hearing extremely quiet noises. 

 While humans cannot hear the quiet sound of water dripping onto a concrete slab, our detectors can. During electronic leak detection, the detector listens for imperceptible levels of noise. Each type of leak makes noises at a different frequency because pressure levels can vary. Because of this, electronic leak detection can even show what kind of leak you are dealing with. 

 A tool is only as good as the person wielding it. To interpret the leak detector’s findings, you need a plumber who understands plumbing acoustics. If the plumber has been thoroughly trained, they can easily find leaks in steam pipes, drains, water systems, and toilets. 

How Does the Leak Detector Work?

 The real magic occurs within the leak detector. Inside this device, there is a transducer that can tell the difference between various sounds. Initially, a sound is registered by the machine. Then, it is transmitted through the system at a higher frequency. 

 Once the information has been transmitted, the technician will look at the detector’s data to learn about the leak. Depending on the situation, the plumber may need to use a camera or line tracing equipment to inspect the problem. Static pressure testing can also help the technician determine where the leak is. 

Why You Need Leak Detectors

 Electronic leak detection is crucial for modern homes. Over time, a tiny crack can lead to massive water damage. You can easily spend thousands of dollars repairing your concrete slab and floors. 

 By using a leak detector, you can quickly understand what is happening beneath your home. Because leak detectors can hear extremely tiny noises, you can learn about a small leak before it becomes a significant problem. Once you have located the leak, you can figure out how to fix it. 

 The latest technology and equipment can help you keep your home safe. If you live in an older residence, a routine inspection can help you determine if you have a hidden leak. To learn more about our wide range of services, including fixture replacement, call us today.