Video Inspections In Frederick, MD

Are you concerned about a possible sewer line issue in your home? Sewer lines typically run a few feet below ground and may span the length of your yard. Damage may be located along the pipeline, making it challenging to find the source of the problem. Through video inspections, however, our plumbing experts can quickly and accurately pinpoint the trouble area to make repairs.

What Are Video Inspections?

Before video inspections were used for sewer line repairs, plumbers had to dig a large trench in a homeowner’s yard to identify the problem area visually. Video inspections, however, allow our team to view the pipe from the inside. During an inspection, we will run a small camera inside the sewer line to complete the inspection. Whether the problem is caused by a blockage, a break, or another issue, we can quickly identify the issue and its location through this type of inspection.

The Benefits of a Video Inspection

There are several important benefits of video inspections. Because a long, deep trench does not need to be dug in the yard, the homeowner will not need to contend with significant damage to landscaping. Our plumbers will access the pipe through a small hole focused directly over the damaged area. Digging a long trench can take an extensive amount of time. By quickly pinpointing the area of concern through a video inspection, we can more quickly address the problem. You understandably want the situation resolved as soon as possible, and a video inspection is a key component of an efficient sewer line repair service.

Signs You Need a Video Inspection

Are you wondering if a video inspection of your sewer line is needed? There are a few key instances when video inspections are beneficial to homeowners. A video inspection is a smart idea before you initially purchase the home. This process ensures that the sewer line is in great condition before you sign on the dotted line. Some signs could indicate a developing problem. For example, you may smell sewer odors in your home or yard. You may also notice signs of a clog, such as a backed-up line or sluggish wastewater elimination through the pipes. In some cases, a lush or overgrown area in the lawn could indicate a leak.

Contact Us for a Video Inspection in Your Home

The best time to address a possible sewer line issue is right away. Sewer line damage can result in tremendous property damage and expensive repair bills if the damage is not quickly repaired. If you are concerned about damage to your home’s sewer line, contact us today to schedule a video inspection and sewer line repair service.