About Wenbrooke Services


Who are these Wenbrooke people anyway?

And is Wenbrooke even a word?

Wenbrooke was founded in 2015 by John and Brooke Wenman. John wanted to name the company after the most important aspect of his life… his wife Brooke. Today, the Wenbrooke team has expanded to 17 team members and 14 trucks on the road to serve you.

An electrician by trade, John Wenman moved to Maryland from his native Hawaii to build a new kind of home services business. He grew up poor, without a steady dad, often having to sacrifice and work hard to help his family make ends meet.  He swore he would never be that kind of husband and father.

And then he met Brooke… on the internet.  John didn’t just win Brooke’s heart, he won the hearts of her two children.  They were calling him Dad after 6 months.  Brooke also keeps winning John’s heart with her unending loyalty, especially during tough times.  John says she makes him a better man.  Brooke can’t help but blush.  They now have four kids and a growing family of team members and customers that they treat just like their own family.

Wenbrooke provides heating and cooling as well as electrical work. A true family business, Wenbrooke answers your call 24 hours a day. “If your family needs us, then we need to come and help. It’s just that simple.” ~ John Wenman

Our commitment to you comes from our beliefs and core values.

  • We Believe in striving for Excellence in everything we do
  • We Believe it’s okay to be silly sometimes and have fun at work
    • Life’s too short not to enjoy yourself along the way
  • The Best ain’t Cheap
    • Neither are we. But it’s the only way to provide Excellent value
  • Compassion & Care is everything
    • That includes our team, your family and the community