Security Lighting Installation In Frederick, MD

Studies show it takes more than flooding your Frederick, MD house’s exterior with light to prevent unwanted intruders from entering your yard, garage, or home. The key to successful home security lighting is making sure flood and spotlights are strategically placed and positioned to startle or temporarily blind an intruder. Newer security lighting systems are designed to alert you, your neighbors, or local law enforcement to unwanted activity. Wenbrooke Services designs and installs the latest in home security lighting. Our skilled technicians know everything about security lighting installation the optimal system for your Frederick, MD home.

Benefits of Professional Security Lighting Installation

The main goal with security lighting installation is to make sure dark areas are lit up when an intruder comes close to your home. It should startle any unwanted visitors into quickly leaving the premises. Doors, windows, sliding doors, and gates are ideal areas to light up, as are places where there’s thick foliage, such as shrubs where someone can hide.

While installing a simple appliance like a motion detector light might be reasonably easy for a DIYer, most security lighting installations are best handled by a professional electrician. Wenbrooke Services can help you choose the proper type of security lights for your Frederick, MD home. We’ll also make sure the fixtures are placed where they provide the most protection for you and your family.

Security Lighting  Services

Security lighting also helps prevent accidents on your property and might even lower your home insurance rates. Wenbrooke Services provides all types of security lighting installation services, including:

  • Floodlights are extremely bright and have a wide beam spread. They’re typically used where visibility and safety are a major concern. That’s why you’ll see them used so frequently at schools and sports parks, and in parking lots. They can be used to ward off intruders and accent your home’s unique architectural details. A knowledgeable electrician can help you choose floodlights that offer optimal coverage and cost savings while meeting climate and power needs.
  • Spotlights are most often used for highlighting, silhouetting, and accenting areas of the landscape, patio, or architectural feature. They’re ideal for up-lighting and down-lighting and can also be used to light up pool areas.

Most home security lighting designs incorporate both floodlights and spotlights, many of which come with motion detectors.

Why Choose Wenbrooke Services for Security Lighting Installation

A well-lit home is more secure and provides great curb appeal! You also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family and guests are protected from intruders and injury. While some people choose solar-powered outdoor lighting for aesthetic purposes, it’s best to have a wired security lighting system at your Frederick, MD home. Wenbrooke Services’ experienced residential electricians are your best choice for the job and will make sure your security lights are installed safely.

To hear more about the security lighting installation services we offer, or to learn about all the residential electrical and HVAC services we provide, contact Wenbrooke Services online today or call us at (240) 685-1174.