Hydro-Jet Cleaning In Frederick, MD

What Is Hydro-Jet Cleaning?

Hydro-jet cleaning is the optimal way to unclog and sanitize a sewer line. This process uses pressurized water to clean pipes, making it an environmentally friendly, chemical-free method. With no need to excavate a pit or trench, hydro-jet cleaning eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly restoration of lawns or reconstruction of sidewalks and driveways.Hydro-Jet Cleaning

How Is Hydro-Jet Cleaning Different From Power Washing?

 Hydro-jetting is more powerful than power washing. A typical power washing unit delivers 1,300 to 3,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. Our hydro-jet equipment has up to 10,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. Our technicians undergo extensive training to perform hydro-jetting on drains and sewer lines safely.

How Does Hydro-Jet Cleaning Work?

 Our experienced, trained technician places the hydro-jet head into the drain opening or pipe. For sewer lines, we use the existing clean-out port. A jet of water comes out of the hydro-jet’s head and cleans the pipe. The reverse jets of water move the head forward. Biological waste dirt, tree roots, and other debris get pushed into the main sewer line as the head moves through the pipe. The jetting tool’s head rotates to ensure that every nook and cranny of the pipe’s interior is clean. Most pipes require one to two hours for hydro-jet cleaning.

What Are the Benefits of Hydro-Jetting?

 Bacteria love the wet, dark, and organically rich environment of drains and sewer pipes. The pipes provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria dangerous to people and pets. Hydro-jetting scours the pipes clean and gets rid of the bacteria. Your plumbing fixtures and drains won’t smell as bad with the bacteria gone. Clean pipes are less likely to back up. By eliminating the risk of a sewage backup, we keep your home safer and healthier. The pressure caused by clogged drains and sewer pipes can burst, offset, or collapse. Keeping the pipe clean reduces this risk and extends the lifespan of your plumbing system. This preventive maintenance saves a lot of money over the cost of a pipe replacement.

When Should I Schedule Hydro-Jetting Services?

 Hydro-jetting may solve this problem if you’ve noticed foul odors from your drains or plumbing fixtures. When drains are slow, hydro-jetting clears the buildup and restores the pipe’s total capacity to drain wastewater. If you hear gurgling sounds from a drain, this is also a sign that the pipe needs to be cleaned. Large trees with vigorous roots surround many homes. We recommend hydro-jetting every two years to prevent the tree roots from obstructing the sewer line.

We’re Your Plumbers

 You can count on our plumbers and technicians to provide you with thorough pipe and drain cleaning. Our hydro-jetting method doesn’t cause any damage to pipes, and it works on all types and sizes of pipes and drains. We arrive on time and guarantee your satisfaction with our services.

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