Sewer Replacement In Frederick, MD

The sewer for your home is an essential component as it aids in eliminating and storing waste and water from the drains in your home. You don’t want to find out that you need a sewer replacement by going outside and finding that there’s waste in your yard or debris backing up in your sinks, toilet, or shower. Fortunately, a few signs can indicate that a replacement is in order. 


 One of the signs that you could need sewer replacement is seeing unwanted pests in your home, especially near water sources. Some of the common pests that you might see include mice, flies, and bugs. When a septic line begins leaking, pests are drawn to the bacteria that are present and the excess water. Sewer Replacement

Water Bill

 A sign that sewer replacement could be in the future is a higher water bill for the month. Your bill could increase because of leaks in the system, which results in more water coming from the primary source even though you’re not using any excess in your home. If you notice your water bill getting higher, you should contact the utility company to see if there’s an error and a plumbing company so that someone can look for leaks that could be present. 

Wet Areas in the Yard

 While walking outside, you shouldn’t notice any wet areas unless it’s been raining. If you see standing water in your yard, this is a sign that there’s a leak somewhere and that sewer replacement might be needed. This doesn’t mean that the entire system is terrible, as there could be a leak in one section of the pipes with that section and the ones around it being replaced. Pay attention to any foul smells that are associated with standing water in your yard, as this is often an indication that sewer replacement is needed or that the septic tank needs to be pumped, or that there’s a leak in one of the lines that come from the toilet and goes to the septic tank. 


 As the drains in your system become filled with water and debris that can’t drain properly, you’ll notice clogs in the sinks and tub or shower. Keep in mind that it’s normal to have clogs once in a while that can be easily remedied by removing the debris. However, if you continue to see that there are issues with water draining, it could be because there’s a significant clog in the lines, resulting in sewer replacement. A plumbing company can use various tools that snake through the lines to remove clogs before going in and replacing lines if the clog is under your home or in the yard.