Is it Possible to Power a Household Entirely by Solar Power?

Solar panels are a popular high-tech roofing option. The panels use the energy they collect from the sun to help power your home and all of the electronics in it. Can you live exclusively on solar power, though? We are here to answer the question if it is possible to power a household entirely on solar power.

Benefits of Solar Technology

1. Attractive
One of the things that most people tend to forget when it comes to solar panels is that they look really great on your house. They come in either blue or black. Both options offer a modern and sleek look.

2. Get Off the Grid
Some people don’t want to be a slave to the energy companies. They set the prices and create a monopoly for a necessary service. Solar panels allow you to be self-sufficient and independent. If something happens where the main energy source has a problem, you will still be able to power your home while other people are left in the dark. Literally.

3. Help the Environment
Humans have not been as kind to Mother Nature as she has been to us. It’s our responsibility to do our part. By using solar technology to power our homes, we aren’t relying on energy companies. These energy companies are required to use resources and send pollution into the air to support themselves. The less they work, the fewer resources are being used up and pollution being put into the air. Solar energy is 100% clean.

4. Increase the Value of Your Home
More and more people are making the environment a priority when buying a home. They look for “green” features. Solar panels are a great feature to the right buyer. You can use the solar panels to greatly increase the value of your home if you are planning to sell it.

5. Save Money
The main reason that people want to get solar panels is to save money on utility bills. Since you are getting energy from the sun, you don’t need to pay for it like you do when you get electricity from the electric company.

How Solar Panels Work

If you’re considering installing solar panels, it’s a good idea to learn exactly how they work. The contractors will install the panels in the area on your roof that gets the most sunlight. Once the solar panels are installed on your home, the sun will hit them. When the sun’s rays hit the panels, it creates DC energy of electrons roaming around. The more sunlight, the more energy is created. Your roofing contractor will also install a converter. The converter will change the energy from DC energy to AC energy that you can use in your home. You can only store so much energy. If you gather up excess energy, it will go back into your larger electrical grid.

There are two different types of solar panels: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Monocrystalline panels are more effective, but they are also significantly more expensive.

How to Tell If Solar Panels Are Right for You

Solar panels aren’t the right solution for every home. If you’re considering getting solar panels, there are several things to consider. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I have the money for the initial investment?
Yes, many people get solar panels to save money. However, you need to spend money to save money. The initial investment will cost you a significant investment. You should not cheap out, either. If you’re going to get solar panels, you need to get good quality panels.

What is the climate in my area?
The climate is an important factor. Naturally, sun panels work best when they get a lot of light. That doesn’t make solar panels especially effective in places like Alaska where there can be less than a couple of hours of light a day. However, sunny places or places with regular sunlight can benefit.

Do you care about the environment?
Solar panels are clean energy. Other sources of energy pollute and take up resources. If you want to do your part for the planet you call home, solar panels are a great way to do your part.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Solar Panels

1. Monitor Usage
Many of us don’t really pay attention to the amount of energy we use and where it’s coming from. When you get solar panels, it’s time to start paying attention. When you get solar panels, there will be a way to monitor how effective they are. You can see how much of your energy is coming from the grid and how much is coming from your home. Use this information to make the appropriate changes to optimize your panels.

2. Stagger Appliance Use
Instead of running multiple appliances at once, you might want to run one at a time so that you don’t use more electricity than you are bringing in. Wait to run the dishwasher until after the dryer is done, and you will be able to utilize more of your home’s solar energy.

3. Use Energy During the Day
You should run your electronics and appliances during the day when the sun is high up in the air and shining down on your house. Since the solar panels are getting sunlight, they will be at peak performance. If you run appliances when the sun is no longer out, you may be getting electricity from the grid instead of self-sufficiently getting electricity from your home.

4. Eliminate Shade
You want your solar panels to get as much light as possible. The shade may be comfortable on a hot day, and a tress can be gorgeous. However, that same pretty tress could be causing shade and prohibiting the sun from reaching your solar panels. Get rid of big obstructions.

5. Remove Debris
Things can get on your solar panels, such as leaves and twigs. You should get up on your roof to remove anything that might be up there. If you aren’t comfortable getting up on your roof yourself, get a professional to perform regular maintenance for you.

Can Solar Panels Power a Whole Home?

There are many different variables to consider, but it is possible for solar panels to power an entire home. However, you will most likely still have access to the energy grid in your area in the event that your solar panels aren’t covering everything. At the very least, they will help reduce utility bills and help the environment. That should be reason enough for everyone in warm and moderate climates to consider them.

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