How to Extend the Life of HVAC in Maryland

If you live in Maryland, you probably rely on an HVAC system to keep your home at a pleasant temperature. Not only does an HVAC system helps promote a comfortable atmosphere, but it also cleans the air by removing dust and other contaminants. Here’s how to keep your unit running strong for as long as possible.

Schedule a Yearly HVAC System Tune-up

 Annual tune-ups can extend the life of your HVAC system by several years. A tune-up is actually among the most important aspects of preventive maintenance. During a tune-up, the technician will perform several critical services. For starters, they will thoroughly inspect the unit for any developing problems. By catching issues early, you can prevent more trouble in the long run. Other critical aspects of a tune-up include cleaning the system, lubricating parts, and checking refrigerant levels. 

Remember to Change the Air Filter

 Some residents fail to replace their unit’s air filter at the recommended interval. Unfortunately, this can cause an HVAC system to fail much sooner than expected. A clogged filter forces the system to work harder than usual, thus leading to more significant wear and tear. While 30-day filters are less expensive, some homeowners prefer the longevity of 90-day filters. 

Give Your HVAC System Some Assistance

 You don’t always need to run your HVAC system at full blast. There are alternative ways to heat and cool your home. For starters, make use of your ceiling fans. When summer arrives, switch the fans to blow in a counter-clockwise direction. This creates a downdraft, which allows everyone to feel a cool breeze. However, the fans should spin in the opposite direction during the wintertime. Warm air trapped near the ceiling will be pushed downward. 

 It would help if you also considered installing reflective shades over your windows. When the sun is shining brightly, heat will be less likely to come inside on a hot day. The HVAC system may not need to cycle on as often when cooling, which will help it to last longer. 

Properly Insulate Your Home

 If you want to decrease your unit’s workload and increase its lifespan, be sure to insulate your home correctly. Even tiny cracks can make it more challenging to keep your interior at the preferred temperature setting. While most holes can be filled with caulk, don’t forget to replace any worn weatherstripping. 

 Take the time to check the insulation in your attic. No other area in the home can cause you to lose more heat and air. Adding a few extra layers of fiberglass insulation can make a big difference. 

Check the Airflow From the Vents of Your HVAC System

 Don’t make it more difficult for your HVAC unit to do its job. Avoid placing furniture, appliances, and other items over the vents. If the vents are blocked off, this may cause the unit to overexert itself. When greater demands are placed upon a heating and cooling system, life expectancy is naturally shortened.