Gas Furnace Installation & Repair in Maryland

Reliable Gas Furnace Installation in Frederick, Maryland

Keep your home warm and comfortable on even the coldest days with a clean, energy-efficient gas furnace installation by Wenbrooke Services in Frederick, Maryland. Is the existing furnace having problems? We do furnace repairs, too.

  • We install new gas furnaces in Maryland
  • We provide fast, dependable gas furnace repairs
  • We do it all with honesty and respect

If you live within 20-25 miles of Frederick, MD we’d love to answer your questions about installing a new furnace – give us a call at (240) 685-1174.

Benefits of Installing a New Gas Furnace

Today’s gas furnaces feature the latest advances in energy efficiency and temperature control. Our knowledgeable technicians can recommend the best gas furnace for your home based on the age of your home, the condition of your existing ductwork, and the features you want in your new furnace.

Benefits of installing a new gas furnace:

  • Environmentally friendly. Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel
  • Lower cost. Natural gas is less expensive than electricity
  • Long-lasting. A well-maintained gas furnace can last 20 years or more
  • Works in all temperatures. A gas furnace provides warmth on the coldest of days

A gas furnace can be installed in a single visit, depending on your ductwork. Have more questions? Just ask us!

Fix It Fast: Gas Furnace Repairs

When your heat is out, you need a furnace repair specialist with a strong reputation, integrity, and the ability to restore your heat fast. Wenbrooke Services is the furnace repair company Frederick, MD homeowners trust to do the job right.

Our most common furnace repair services include:

  • Cleaning or replacing filters
  • Gas valve replacement
  • Burner replacement
  • Thermostat replacement
  • Ignitor replacement
  • Flame sensor replacement
  • Blower motor repair or replacement
  • Draft inducer replacement
  • Heat exchanger replacement
  • Circuit board repair or replacement

Why Choose Wenbrooke Services?

Wenbrooke Services is built around four core values: Honesty, Loyalty, Craftsmanship, and Quality.

  • We strive to be better at our craft every day and to complete every task with excellence.
  • We are a family-owned company that enjoys serving the community.
  • We care about you as a customer.
  • We strive to focus on quality and craftsmanship during every service appointment.
  • We will always recommend the right solution for your needs and budget.

Most importantly, we stand by our service. We’d be honored to be your preferred heating, cooling, and electrical company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I replace my gas furnace or repair it?

We recommend replacing your gas furnace if it’s 15 years old or more, needs frequent repairs, the heat output is diminishing, or your energy bills are rising.

Every furnace is unique, and your furnace may have more life in it depending on past use, maintenance, quality, and other factors. Our technicians can perform a detailed furnace inspection and recommend the right solution for you.

Should I buy a high-efficiency gas furnace?

The AFUE of your furnace is a measure of how much of the fuel you pay for is actually turned into usable heat. If your furnace is at least 10 years old, it likely has a peak efficiency of 60-70%, meaning you’re throwing away up to 40 cents for every dollar you spend on fuel.

By comparison, a modern high-efficiency furnace will have an AFUE of 90 or better. Some ultra-efficient furnaces have 97% AFUE ratings or better. Translation: A high-efficiency furnace could save a lot of money on your utility bills.

What size gas furnace do I need?

Our technician will recommend the right furnace size based on the square footage of your home and other factors. If you install a new gas furnace that is too big, you’ll waste money and energy. If you buy a furnace that is too small, you won’t be able to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

What’s the difference between single-stage, two-stage, and modulating furnaces?

With a single-stage furnace, the furnace comes on at full power when the thermostat in the house calls for heat. The furnace runs at full power until the thermostat is satisfied, then shuts itself off. You get a blast of warm air, but heating is somewhat even throughout the house. Single-stage furnaces are often the most affordable option, but not very energy-efficient.

A two-stage gas furnace has a low setting and a high setting. Each burner is programmed at a different capacity, giving you a longer, slower heating cycle that heats the house more evenly. A two-stage furnace is typically quieter, and while the initial cost is usually higher than a single-stage furnace, you’ll enjoy savings due to energy efficiency.

Modulating furnaces offer the most precise temperature controls. They typically run continuously at a very low setting, allowing the temperature to be consistent throughout your home thanks to this continuous operation. Modulating gas furnaces can achieve up to 98% efficiency, so you’re getting the most for your money in terms of your gas bill, though initial installation costs tend to be higher than other models.

Should I buy a high-efficiency gas furnace?

The government minimum standard for new furnaces is 80% AFUE, meaning at least 80% of the fuel you pay for is converted into heat. Furnaces that meet the government standard of 80% AFUE are still much more efficient than most furnaces at least 10 years old, and are often an affordable choice for value-conscious buyers.

High-efficiency furnaces are typically those with AFUE ratings of 90% or higher. In fact, many gas furnaces have 96% AFUE or better. We can help you choose the right high-efficiency gas furnace for your home.