Electrical Superhero!

You’re always looking for the best way to do something. That’s what drives you. You’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve stayed awake or woken up early, because your brain couldn’t stand the thought of how something hadn’t been done right. And when you find it, you feel like an artist and genius all at once, like you just discovered the secret connection to Da Vinci or Nikolai Tesla.

Yeah, that commitment to doing things right is your superpower, but it’s driven your co-workers crazy. Not here. Not with us. We’re nutty like you are. If there’s a better way to serve the customer, we want to talk about it.

Last boss complained you were too stuck in your ways. Trouble is, if you’ve found the right way to do something, why would you change it? And to be frank, that’s exactly the type of person we’re looking for.

We’re Wenbrooke Services, a local HVAC and Electric business. You might have even seen our ads. John sometimes puts on a cape on TV. You’ll get used to the silliness.

Your job is to visit our customer’s home and solve their electrical problems. Big problem or a small one? It’s all the same to us, because at the end of the day we’ve created one more happy customer. The role is part electrical technician, part Sherlock Holmes, part grief counsellor. (Sometimes, it’s a big problem. You’ll help them work through the pain.) You will need some electrical experience. Highly experienced? You’ll start at $80k plus bonuses.

We believe it’s okay to have fun at work. And in a leadership role like yours, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to just be yourself.

As you can imagine, attention to detail is very important in our line of work. And just to prove that you’re more detail oriented than most, here’s a little easter-egg for you. The email address at the end of this post is completely bogus. Goes nowhere. The legit address is buried right in the middle of this long paragraph. So long most people won’t bother to read it all. The real email address is brooke (at) wenbrooke (dot) com. Simply by reading every word, you’ve put yourself ahead of 90% of the ones who just skim the ad. Cool huh? We like you already!

Things can get pretty hectic during our busy season. And since you thrive under pressure, that just means it’s just another opportunity to shine.

But don’t let that last sentence fool you, we have NO ON CALL. Did you read that right? Yep. NO ON-CALL. There, said it again with a hyphen to make sure. We believe in you having a life to give to your family, yourself.

Plus, we think that meetings should be awesome, or they shouldn’t happen. We have fun. We care about your dreams are and helping you achieve them, even if they have nothing to do with work. Seriously, we don’t hire people unless they have that same attitude, so you’re not going to be the one awesome person around a bunch of losers. This is like the Avengers, but with way less dysfunction. The Justice League but so much cooler. If you’ve been wishing you could look forward to what you do and who you work with, we’re wishing you would stop wishing and start working here.

Click the link below and take a step towards a rewarding career with the Wenbrooke family. Here’s that email address: wenbrooke@mailinator.com