We’re looking for friendly chatty people for our team!

Last boss complained you chat to much on the phone? That’s exactly the sort of person we’re looking for! You’ve always been a team player. And that means you’re good at getting behind the leader, and making everyone on the team look good.

No, we’re not going to expect you to figure stuff out on your own. No, we’re not a sink or swim type of place. Instead, we’ll show you the ropes, explain exactly what we need from you, and all you have to do is follow the guidelines! Simple, right?

We’re Wenbrooke Services, a local HVAC and Electric business. You might have even seen our ads. John sometimes puts on a cape on TV. You’ll get used to the silliness.

Your job is to answer the phone when the customer calls. There’s no cold calling. Our commercials make the phone ring. You just have to be the calm, caring voice on the phone when people need us. Are you good on the phone? Of course you are!

We believe it’s okay to have fun at work. Which means, if the customer needs a little extra hand-holding, that’s a good thing. We’ll never hassle you for spending too much time helping customers. That’s your job! And you’ll earn roughly $50k right out of the gate. Plus benefits, medical, dental. This is a proper business. Bonuses, go on top of that if you’re a team player.

As you can imagine, attention to detail is very important in our line of work. And just to prove that you’re more detail oriented than most, here’s a little easter-egg for you. The email address at the end of this post is completely bogus. Goes nowhere. The legit address is buried right in the middle of this long paragraph. So long most people won’t bother to read it all. The real email address is brooke (at) wenbrooke (dot) com. Simply by reading every word, you’ve put yourself ahead of 90% of the ones who just skim the ad. Cool huh? We like you already!

Your shifts will be 8 hours long, and things can get pretty hectic during our busy season. But we’ll provide all the guidance you need to handle any problem the customer throws at you. You don’t actually have to solve the customer’s problem. That’s our job. All you have to do is make them feel better, book the appointment and enjoy the relief in their voices knowing everything will be okay. Just because they talked to you.

So, click the email link below and take that next step towards a rewarding career with Wenbrooke. Here’s the email address: wenbrooke@mailinator.com