Benefits of Solar Panels

With gleaming solar panels attached to your roof, you can permanently change the way you obtain and pay for your energy.

Indeed, people everywhere realize how solar energy can help the environment and provide enticing financial incentives. Accordingly, this technology is skyrocketing in popularity.

Here are just a few exciting benefits of living in the sunshine. solar panels

Increasing Your Home’s Value

Solar panels hold up well over time and in all weather conditions. And they protect roofs from snow, rain, and other harsh conditions. As a result, a roof will last longer.

Furthermore, when it’s time to sell your home, those panels could boost its price. They’re highly appealing in today’s real estate market.

Utilities Savings

If your home gets at least four or five hours of direct sunlight every day, it might not need any other energy source.

Your solar panels might generate more energy than you need. If so, you may be able to trade your extra power to a utility company for money or credit.

Even if you get relatively little sunlight where you live, whatever sunshine you do receive will offset your utility costs. You may still need some oil or gas, but you’ll use less and save money.

Of course, these savings are no small matter. One person can generate thousands of dollars of energy expenses in 12 months.

Plus, solar panels can take in the sun’s energy even on a cloudy day. They’ll collect about 10 to 20 percent of the power they’d gather on a sunny day.

On top of everything else, solar power is highly reliable. With this energy, your residence will never again experience a power outage. And, if you work from home, you know how costly such outages can be.

Tax Credits, Government Rebates, and SRECs

The financial benefits of solar energy go beyond utility savings.

For starters, through 2022, the federal government will give you a tax income credit that’s worth 30 percent of your solar panel purchase.

For their part, state and local governments should provide you with extra rebates along with Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs).

You can collect SRECs on an ongoing basis, and you can sell them to your utility provider. Thus, they’re a good source of a little extra income.

Alternatively, you might work out this deal with your solar panel installer:

• The company gives you free solar panels and installs them at no cost.
• In exchange, it takes all of your SRECs.
• Meanwhile, you still get all those tax breaks and energy savings.

Helping the Environment

With solar energy, you and your family will be doing your part for the environment. Specifically, you’d accomplish the following:

• Reducing atmospheric greenhouse gases.
• Increasing the water supply in your region. After all, the coal, gas, and nuclear power industries use tremendous amounts of water.
• Joining the social movement away from fossil fuels and toward clean energy.

In short, your whole household could feel proud of those attractive, dependable, eco-friendly, and money-saving solar panels.