AC Won’t Turn On? Try These Things.

When your home’s air conditioner suddenly stops working, the cause can range from a tripped circuit breaker to a broken blower motor. While there are some air conditioner problems you can fix yourself, many will require the services of a professional HVAC service provider.

Wenbrooke Services provides Frederick, MD homeowner with reliable HVAC repair, replacement, and installation services, including the diagnosis and repair of air conditioners that won’t turn on. As many common air conditioner problems stem from inadequate maintenance, we also offer air conditioning maintenance services to help you avoid any future issues. air conditioner problems

Reasons Your Air Conditioning Unit Won’t Turn On — And What to Do

The trained technicians at Wenbrooke Services can analyze your home’s AC unit to check for these common causes of your air conditioning unit not turning on.

  • A tripped circuit breaker due to an electrical overload. This can happen if you don’t have a dedicated circuit breaker for your AC unit, too many appliances are running at once, or you have older equipment that’s drawing too much power. You can try resetting the breaker, but if the air conditioner problems continue, it’s best to call in a professional.
  • In older homes, it might be a blown fuse. A fuse can be tested with a multimeter and then replaced if it’s bad. It might be a good idea to talk to your electrician about installing a breaker box to replace your current panel.
  • A clogged air filter can cut off proper airflow. That makes your AC unit work harder and draw more electricity. It can also eventually cause the coils to freeze.
  • Dirty evaporator coils from built-up dander, dirt, dust, and other debris can make the system less efficient and ultimately lead to a total breakdown. The best thing to do to avoid this happening is to schedule regular AC equipment maintenance.
  • Over time, mold and algae can cause dirty condenser lines. Cleaning them is a fairly simple DIY job accomplished with a wet/dry vac to get rid of the debris. Just be sure to turn off the electricity before cleaning. Or give us a call and we’ll do it for you!
  • If your unit has a refrigerant leak, your AC unit won’t operate as it should and might not turn on. This issue is best fixed by an HVAC professional.
  • If you noticed strange noises coming from your AC, it could be your motor has finally stopped working. A trained technician can test the motor and help you decide if it’s worth fixing the unit or if it’s more cost-effective to replace it.

A less common reason for your AC to not turn on is a wiring issue in your home. This is worth discussing with your electrician, particularly if you have issues with multiple appliances in the house. It’s also possible your thermostat needs to be replaced.

Why Choose Wenbrooke Services for Air Conditioner Problems

If your Frederick, MD home’s AC unit won’t turn off, don’t delay in getting the air conditioner problems checked out by a professional HVAC service provider. Wenbrooke Services offers a wide range of air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance services that keep your AC running the way it should—every time you turn it on. To learn more about all the HVAC services we offer, contact us online today or call us at (240) 685-1174.