Is Your AC Unit Running Constantly?

Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Turn Off?

If you live within 20-25 miles of Frederick, Maryland and your air conditioner is running constantly, it may be due to more than hot weather – AC repairs may be in your future. Wenbrooke Services can help – call us at (240) 685-1174 for an AC inspection.

In the meantime, here’s some info on why your air conditioner is running non-stop and what to do about it.


Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Running Non-Stop

There are several possible reasons your AC is running constantly. Here are eight of the most common reasons:

  1. You have the wrong size air conditioner
  2. Your air conditioner is installed incorrectly
  3. Your air filter is dirty or clogged
  4. Your AC coil is dirty or covered in debris
  5. Your thermostat is malfunctioning
  6. Your home has poor air sealing or inadequate insulation
  7. Your air conditioner needs a tune-up
  8. Your air conditioner is old and inefficient

Let’s dive into these problems and discuss what to do about them.

Reason #1: Wrong Size Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Is Too Small: If your central air conditioner is too small, it’ll have to work overtime to cool your house. And no matter how hard it works, your house will likely never get as cool as you want. You’re more likely to experience air conditioner breakdowns and premature wear and tear, and your AC system will become less efficient more quickly.

Air Conditioner Is Too Large: If your AC unit is too large, you’ll likely notice damp or clammy air in your home. That’s because the system is failing to remove moisture from the air. An oversized AC unit will be prone to short-cycling and could result in higher utility bills.

Reason #2: Air Conditioner Installed Incorrectly

This may sound obvious, but an improperly installed air conditioner won’t work the way it’s supposed to. Most AC problems can be avoided by installing the right-sized air conditioning unit with the right installation techniques.

Reason #3: Air Filter Is Dirty or Obstructed

A dirty air filter that restricts airflow diminishes the cool air your air conditioner can produce, which means your AC will need to run longer and more frequently to cool your house. Once again, this puts more strain on your air conditioner, leading to further damage and premature breakdowns.

Pro Tip: Replace your air filters once a month or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Reason #4: Air Coil Is Dirty or Covered in Debris

Cleaning your air coils is part of our AC tune-up service in Frederick, and with good reason: Dirt, grass clippings, leaves, and other debris can obstruct your air coils, restricting airflow and diminishing AC efficiency. And you guessed it: That makes your AC run non-stop. Our technicians will clean your condenser coil and evaporator coil.

Reason #5: Thermostat Is Malfunctioning

If your air conditioner won’t shut off, your thermostat could be the problem. It’s possible your home is actually cooled to the right temperature, but the thermostat doesn’t recognize this, causing your AC unit to keep running. Our technicians can check your thermostat to see if it’s reading correctly. Let us know if you’re interested in upgrading to a smart thermostat.

Reason #6: Your Home Is Inadequately Air Sealed or Insulated

Poor air sealing and insufficient insulation can cause your AC unit to run constantly. A home that isn’t sufficiently sealed loses cool air, forcing your air conditioner to work harder to replace what you’ve lost. In Maryland, the attic is the biggest source of energy loss for most homes.

Reason #7: Your Air Conditioner Needs a Tune-Up

Our AC tune-up includes a multi-point inspection and AC maintenance checklist – a detailed, comprehensive care package for your AC system. You should perform an AC tune-up once a year. If you’ve neglected routine maintenance, your air conditioning is probably running at less than peak efficiency.

Reason #8: You Need to Replace Your Old, Inefficient Air Conditioner

If your home’s air conditioner is 10+ years old, its efficiency has likely diminished with age. This is normal. Your air conditioner has to worker harder and harder every year to provide the same amount of cooling. Not only will a new AC unit be more efficient than an old unit, but modern air conditioning systems feature technology that makes them more efficient when your AC was brand-new 10 years ago.

What to Do If Your AC Is Running Constantly

Fortunately, the steps to take if your air conditioner won’t stop running are pretty simple. If you live within 20-25 miles of Frederick, Maryland, follow these steps:

  1. Call Wenbrooke Services to schedule an AC inspection and tune-up
  2. Speak with our technician about AC repairs, if necessary
  3. Ask our technician whether replacing your air conditioner is a better option

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