Why Is My AC Making a Clicking Noise?

What to Do About Unusual Air Conditioner Sounds

If you live within 20-25 miles of Frederick, Maryland and you’re hearing clicking noises from your air conditioner, Wenbrooke Services can help – call us at 240-394-1500 to schedule AC repairs or an AC inspection.

In the meantime, here are some of the most common reasons for a clicking air conditioner.


Reason #1: Your AC Unit is Freezing Up

Ice can form inside an air conditioner if the temperature is set too low or if the unit is not draining properly. The clicking sound you hear could be the sound of cracking ice in your unit. If you see ice on your air conditioner, contact us for repairs to prevent a minor problem from growing into an expensive one.

You can prevent this situation with preventive AC maintenance. During an AC tune-up, our technician will check for clogging in your drains.

Reason #2: Water Inside Your Air Conditioner

Water inside your outdoor AC unit can cause damage to interior components. If you first noticed the clicking after a rainy day, this can be a hint about the source of your AC clicking noise.

Reason #3: Bent or Broken AC Fan Blade

A bent or broken fan blade rubbing against something inside your AC unit could cause a constant clicking noise inside your air conditioner. There could also be something blocking the fan blade, or even something as simple as a leaf or twig clicking each time the fan blade passes over it. Luckily, most AC fan blade repairs are fairly simple.

Reason #4: Low Compressor Oil

One of the first signs your AC compressor oil is low is the sound of humming from your air conditioner. Without adequate lubrication, the compressor will eventually seize up.

Reason #5: Loose Parts

A loose part may be clanking around inside your air conditioner, causing a clicking or banging noise. This one damaged part could cause more damage if it knocks into other AC parts.

Reason #6: Electrical Problems

The clicking noise you’re hearing could be coming from your electrical control panels. If you hear a single loud click as the AC tries to turn on, the capacitor, control board or thermostat could be faulty. Turn off your AC unit and call us for AC repairs.

Reason #7: Broken Compressor

A broken AC compressor may make clicking, rattling, and shuddering noises. Since the compressor is one of your AC system’s most important parts, fixing it right away is essential – ignore a faulty compressor and you’ll be replacing your entire AC unit before long.

Reason #8: Faulty Thermostat

If your air conditioner’s internal thermostat is broken, it may make a random clicking noise every once in a while. Replacing a faulty AC thermostat is a relatively easy and low-cost repair.

What Should I Do About a Clicking Noise from My Air Conditioner?

Noises in your air conditioner won’t go away on their own—and the problem usually gets worse if it’s not fixed quickly. If you hear clicking noises or other unusual noises, turn off the power to your AC system and call us to schedule an AC repair service appointment.

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