8 AC Myths That Are Costing You Money

Stay Cool Without Busting Your Budget — It’s Possible!

Air conditioning has been a staple in homes for decades now. Through the years, myths and misunderstandings about air conditioning equipment have been repeated and accepted as the truth. That wouldn’t be much to worry about, except that many of them are not only false, but they can also, in the long run, cost you a fortune! The internet can be a wonderful source of home improvement tips, but we believe the best way to get reliable air conditioner information is from the pros. To save you time and money, here are some of the most common AC myths you might have heard, along with the facts.

Myth #1: Your House Cools Faster When You Turn the Thermostat Way Down

Fact: It doesn’t matter if you lower it 3 degrees or 30 — your AC works just as hard to get to the temperature you set. When you set it lower than you need to and then forget to reset it, you end up paying a higher bill. Programmable and smart thermostats are a good solution.

Myth #2: Bigger AC Units Work Better

Fact: You should size your air conditioner to your specific home needs. Buying a larger unit than you need can do more harm than good when it constantly cycles on and off. That leads to premature system wear and tear, which results in earlier breakdowns and more costly repairs. The professionals at Wenbrooke Services can help you determine which size unit is suitable for your Maryland home.

Myth #3: Turning the AC Off When You’re Not Home Saves Energy

Fact: If you turn your AC off before heading out on a hot day and then switch it back on when you get home, the unit must work harder to cool your house. It’s better to just set the thermostat several degrees warmer. Or invest in a smart thermostat that senses when no one’s in the house.

Myth #4: AC Causes “Summer Cold”

Fact: Viruses cause colds. Cold air doesn’t. While it’s possible to catch a cold in the summer, those cold-like symptoms are more often due to allergies. If you have a fever or have trouble breathing, it’s best to see your doctor.

Myth #5: It’s Best to Let Your Old AC Unit “Kick the Bucket” Before Replacing It

Fact: Waiting for your AC unit to die doesn’t make sense. Why? Because the chances are good you’re hemorrhaging money and comfort because the unit isn’t operating anywhere near maximum efficiency. The sooner you invest in a new, efficient unit, the sooner you start saving money on repairs and energy costs.

Myth #6: Fans Keep Rooms Cooler

Fact: Fans are good for circulating air inside a room, but they don’t affect air temperature. They’re meant to keep people cool, not rooms.

Myth #7 You Should Close Vents in Unused Rooms

Fact: Closing vents causes pressure to build up in ductwork, throws air distribution off balance, and makes your AC unit work harder. Keep the vents open.

Myth #8: An AC Unit Doesn’t Need to Run as Much if the Ceiling Fan’s Left On

Fact: Ceiling fans don’t improve your AC unit’s performance. They circulate the cool air that’s already in the room, but they don’t create cooler air.

Save Money with Regular AC Maintenance

New or not-so-new, your AC needs yearly maintenance to keep it operating at peak performance. By scheduling regular AC maintenance services in the spring, you extend the life of your air conditioner by discovering minor problems before they become major, expensive issues.

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