7 Ways to Stay Cool While Waiting For Air Conditioner Repairs

Whether AC repair is ongoing or on the way, the bottom line is, your unit isn’t working. It’s not keeping your house cool, and the temperature is rising in the meantime. There are few things worse than suffering in unbearable, stifling heat for the entire summer while you work things out with your AC. Let’s take a look at seven ways to stay cool while awaiting air conditioner repair.

1. Ceiling Fans

Using ceiling fans is an effective way to stay cool in the summertime. Place a fan in each room of your home and switch it between low, medium and high as necessary. One great thing about ceiling fans is their large radius of moving air and the fact that one fan is sufficient for the whole room. Once the fan has been running for a few minutes, you’ll feel a soothing current of circulation. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your light fixture for a while now, you might as well kill two birds with one stone by installing a ceiling fan as well.

2. Porch, Patio or Backyard

If you don’t need to be indoors, head out to your porch or patio for some fresh air. As long as you are in the shade, the outdoor temperature will be much cooler than the temperature within an enclosed home. The porch is a terrific place to read a good book or say hello to your neighbors. If your patio is in the sun, set up an umbrella to provide some shade. You can also combine fans with these outdoor spaces to create the absolute coolest place on the property. Homeowners with backyards can also utilize this space to keep them cool. Large backyards with lots of open space are particularly cool. There is an infinite number of directions for the wind to flow from, and trees often provide lots of shade. When you sit outside, make sure to bring a plastic chair to sit on. Metal chairs can heat up in the strong afternoon sun and warm you up against your will.

3. Open Windows

If you do need to stay indoors for whatever reason, open your windows. This will let in fresh breezes of air and cool down your home. Your air might not be very windy outside, but don’t worry. Open windows are effective even if they aren’t letting in strong gusts of air. The only time you won’t want to open your windows is when the outdoor temperature is scorching hot. For anything below that, you should welcome the natural breeze into your home. As you learn more about the location of your home, you’ll want to open the windows that maximize cooling. For example, your house might sit on a ridge where the wind blows from the north to the south. Once you know this to be true, open the appropriate windows rather than ones at random.

4. Go Downstairs

As a basic scientific principle, warm air rises and cool air settles on the bottom. This means that the downstairs of your home is likely cooler than upstairs. Don’t be afraid to move your entire workspace downstairs to keep cool. The top floor of your home could be up to five degrees warmer than the basement. In addition, there are usually fewer sources of sunlight downstairs. The walls and floors of the basement aren’t heated by the sun, which means a cooler environment overall.

5. Drink Water

On hot summer days, it’s essential to drink an adequate amount of water for the sake of your health. Dehydration is a serious health condition. In addition, water helps to keep your body cool at all times. A body full of fluids is naturally less prone to heatstroke and overheating. When your body is dehydrated, it is working overtime to keep everything in check. This uses up even more energy and induces a minor form of panic. Drink at least eight cups of water per day to stay hydrated. In addition, energy drinks and juices can be good ways of getting the right electrolytes and nutrients into your system. Regardless of what you end up drinking, more liquids enable you to stay cool from the inside out. This is even more important if you’ve been out for the day and return home in the afternoon. Your temperature will naturally be higher from walking around, so drink water the moment you get home.

6. Handheld and Portable Fans

Handheld fans are useful alternatives to overhead fans. These handheld fans can be pointed directly at your face for a refreshing breeze of fresh air. Their portability makes them convenient when walking from room to room. When you turn a handheld fan up to its strongest setting, you often can’t tell the difference between this handheld device and a proper ceiling fan. Handheld fans come in many shapes and sizes. As you probably know, it can be a burden to constantly hold the fan by your face to keep you cool. A holder or stand for the fan is a good hands-free supplement. In a similar vein, portable fans that sit on the floor serve a similar function and can be equally as effective for lowering the temperature in your home. The beauty of these fans is that you can position them exactly how you want. As you move from the sofa to the table to your computer station, you can position the fan to follow you at all times. In this sense, these fans are extremely efficient with no wasted energy.

7. Misters and Neck Coolers

Similar to handheld fans, misters are awesome portable devices for staying cool. They will sprinkle a gentle layer of water droplets over your face or body. Much like sweat, this water evaporates and cools you off. Contrary to popular belief, most misters don’t make you dripping wet at all. The water droplets are so fine that you’ll stay cool without looking like you just took a shower. If you want a hands-free, portable cooling device, try a neck cooler. These bandana-style wraps contain water-absorbing crystals. Just toss it in water to soak, put in your fridge to cool, then place them around your neck to stay cool for hours.

Fast Air Conditioning Repair

No matter how good you are at manually staying cool, it can be inconvenient to do so for an extended period of time. Even the highest quality fans are simply no match for an AC system. With the summer rapidly approaching, you’ll definitely want your unit to be up and running by the time the hottest months roll around. For fast air conditioning repair in Frederick, MD, contact us at Wenbrooke Services for a prompt consultation and turnaround time. We have experience with the entire process of AC repair from start to finish. Our workers will be able to assess what the issue is and have your unit fixed in no time. We guarantee customer satisfaction every single time.

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