Toilet Leak Repair In Frederick, MD

Do you need toilet leak repair? Toilets are an essential modern convenience that is often forgotten about until they need to be cleaned or have a leak. Luckily, most problems with toilets are accessible and affordable to repair when you hire the right plumber.

What Are the Components of a Toilet?

Toilets are very simple devices. At their core, they contain a tank and a bowl. The tank and bowl can be a single piece or a two-piece system where the tank is attached to the back of the bowl via crews. The tank contains the mechanisms for flushing. These include the handle or trip lever to flush the toilet, afloat, chain, overflow tube, flapper, and flush valve seat. The bowl is what holds the water, and it contains the flush passages, drain tube, and trap. The drain system under the toilet includes a wax ring to prevent toilet water from escaping between the toilet and drain and a closet bend.

Where Do Toilets Experience the Most Problems?

Most problems with a toilet occur in the tank, and they’re usually due to worn-out handles, chains, floats, and flappers. If your toilet has problems flushing, it’s probably due to one of those components being excessively worn.

Toilets can also leak, which is a more serious concern because a leaking toilet can cause damage to your floors and the wall behind your toilet. If you suspect your toilet is leaking, it’s essential to call an experienced plumber for a toilet leak repair.

Signs You Need Toilet Leak Repair

Toilets can leak from numerous areas. The screws can rust on the tank, leading to water leaking onto your bathroom floor. If you notice puddles of water behind your toilet, this is the most likely cause.

The toilet can also leak around the wax seal inside the pipe connecting your toilet to the drain. Wax seals are designed to last between 20 and 30 years, or just as long as the toilet. However, if your toilet is older than that or the wax seal was installed improperly or stepped on while your toilet was being installed, it may leak much sooner than expected.

Finally, your toilet can leak from the tank into the bowl via a faulty flushing system. This is usually due to a worn-out flapper or flush valve seat. If your toilet continues to run after you’ve flushed it, it sounds like it’s dripping into the bowl. It’s time to call a plumber for a toilet leak repair.

Professional Toilet Leak Repair

If your toilet is leaking, do not delay calling a plumber. The best-case scenario is simply that your water bills will go up. The worst-case scenario involves rotting your bathroom floor under the toilet and the wall behind the toilet. To prevent these damages and expenses, always call a licensed plumber for toilet leak repair. A plumber can quickly diagnose the cause of the leak and repair it. They can also recommend a replacement toilet if yours is beyond its useful life.