Ductless Air Conditioner Services in Frederick, MD

The Most Excellent Ductless AC Crew In The DMV

When you choose Wenbrooke, we send a professionally trained and accredited technician to your home who lives and breathes ductless AC systems. We’ve got the best installation skills and warranties in the business, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our personal approach to customer care.

Why Go Ductless

The people who love ductless air conditioners value quiet efficiency. They also prefer being able to install their AC system pretty much anywhere in their house since it’s so small and unobtrusive.

  • No vast network of ducts to worry about
  • No heavy labor needed for installation
  • Blends into your wall or ceiling with style
  • More efficient than traditional systems

Proper Installation Matters

Just because ductless AC systems look so much smaller than your traditional clunker, doesn’t mean you should hire the nice handyman down the street to install it. The installation is the most important day in the life of your ductless system, and you do NOT want permanent damage to your equipment or a voided warranty.

Our fully licensed Wenbrooke technicians will:

  • Arrive promptly and get right to work
  • Determine capacity requirements for each zone in your home
  • Will look for ways to improve efficiency for your specific needs
  • Help you find the best system
  • Give you an up-front price

Here’s What To Expect

Once you’ve chosen your ductless AC unit, we’ll set a date for installation.

On that day, your Wenbrooke installer will arrive promptly and get right to work.

After installation, we’ll test your system and explain everything to you in detail.

We’ll clean up after ourselves and leave you to enjoy your perfectly-cooled home.

We will treat your home with the utmost respect and guarantee you’ll be thrilled with our excellent service.

You Can Get A Longer Warranty Too…

Our warranties are the best in the business but we’re always looking for ways to innovate. We’ve now found a way to offer an even longer warranty when you ask us to install a Mitsubishi Ductless Unit for you.

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Our team is ready to handle any air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance needs you might have. We’re also equipped to take care of heating repairs!

Learn more about our ductless AC services in Frederick by reaching out to Wenbrooke Services today.