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EV Charger Installation Services in Maryland

With the constant advancements in technology, the way we see transportation is evolving. The presence of electric cars is more prominent than ever, as their capabilities are continuously developing. Electric cars are appealing on many fronts, but it’s not always easy or convenient to charge them with the standard sockets featured in a typical home. Because of this, Wenbrooke Services specializes in EV charger installation that will make powering up your electric car a breeze.

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Types of EV Chargers and What They Require in Your Home

The speed at which your electric car achieves full charge will depend on your home’s electrical supply as well as the type of EV charger you use. There are three levels of EV chargers, ranging from level 1 (the slowest) to level 3 (the fastest):

Level 1

Level 1 chargers use standard 120-volt outlets to supply your electric car with power and thus charge your vehicle fairly slowly. They are ideal for overnight charges or other occasions when you aren’t in a rush.

Level 2

While these chargers are faster than level 1 chargers, you’ll need a professional to perform an installation, as they require a 240-volt circuit to produce an adequate current. These are typically the most sought-after option for at-home charging, and they average an additional 70 miles of charge per hour.

Level 3

Level 3 chargers are not usually possible to have installed at home as they require an industrial supply of power and are a much more expensive option. In only roughly half an hour, a level 3 charger can charge an electric vehicle up to 80%.

How to Choose the Right Charger

As previously mentioned, most electric car owners prefer a level 2 charger for its efficiency, although many are fine simply charging their automobile overnight with a level 1 charger. There are a few aspects to consider when determining the right charger for your specific needs, and the team at Wenbrooke Services will aid you in the following decision-making process:

  • Choosing the most compatible charger for your car model
  • Checking your home’s ability to support a charger more powerful than level 1
  • Upgrading the electrical work in your home to ensure safety and accuracy
  • Guaranteeing all safety codes are being met
  • And more!

Choose Wenbrooke Services for Professional EV Charger Services

Family-owned and -operated, Wenbrooke Services has been serving Frederick, MD and surrounding areas since 2015, though our team has over 3 decades of experience in the industry. Our highly trained and certified electricians will aid you in selecting the best EV charger for your needs and your home’s requirements, and they will perform installations promptly and proficiently. We offer warranties and financing options to help you in the best way that we can, and we strive to establish relationships with each and every client.

For a residential EV charger installation you can trust, call us today at 240-500-0311 or reach out online to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment!

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HVAC and electrical systems are more than the sum of their parts; they’re complex arrangements in which each component depends on the rest. They require careful work, superb craftsmanship, and up-to-date knowledge. At Wenbrooke Services, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our personal approach to customer care, so you’ll be satisfied with our work ― we guarantee it.

The Best
Installation & Warranties
in the Business

At Wenbrooke Services, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our personal approach to customer care, so you’ll be satisfied with our work ― we guarantee it.

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