Whole-Home Generator Sales & Service in Hagerstown

Reliable Backup Power for Your Home or Business in Washington County

From inclement weather to accidents and maintenance problems, the utility grid in the Hagerstown area could leave your home or business without power for minutes, hours, or even days at a time. When you need safe, dependable power, no matter what is happening with your local grid, turn to our experts at Wenbrooke Services.

Our backup and standby generators can keep your home or business running 24/7 with automatic startups and transfers from grid to generator power. We are equipped to handle the entire generator installation, from moving it into place to wiring the transfer switch and connecting it to your service panel. We serve clients throughout Hagerstown and the surrounding communities, and we are here to help with all your heating, air conditioning, and electrical needs.

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What Is a Standby Generator?

Like a portable generator, a standby generator uses a small engine to turn a generator head, providing standard AC electricity for most common residential or commercial needs during a power outage. Unlike a portable generator, standby generators typically have a fixed, on-site fuel source, such as a natural gas connection or a large fuel tank. They offer significantly more output capacity, often powering the entire home or business instead of a few select circuits. They are ideal for businesses that require 24/7 power even during emergencies or for homes that need to power medical devices, refrigerators, stoves, and more during an outage.

Standby Generator Services in Hagerstown, MD

When you need a quality standby or whole-home generator and a professional installation, turn to our experts at Wenbrooke Services. Our standby generator services include:

  • Generator installation
  • Transfer switch installation
  • Generator troubleshooting and repairs
  • Generator maintenance
  • And more!

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Why Choose Wenbrooke Services for Generator Services in Hagerstown, MD?

When you need a dependable, safe, and efficient source of power for emergencies, choose a standby or whole-home generator from our team at Wenbrooke Services. We pride ourselves on our high-quality and dependable service. We’re here for clients who are interested in generators. For nearly half a decade, we’ve helped homes and facilities stay operational despite storms and outages throughout Washington County.

Some of our credentials include:

  • Member of Associated Builders and Contractors
  • BBB accredited with an A+ rating
  • Member of the ACCA
  • Member of Independent Electrical Contractors

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Standby Generator FAQs

How large of a generator do I need?

Generators are classified by their output capacity, measured in kilowatt-hours. To estimate the generator size, you will need, add up the power rating of all the devices you plan to use during an outage. This can be found by looking at the electrical specifications of each device, noting its power rating in watts. If the device’s wattage is not listed, it can be found by multiplying the current draw in amps by the voltage for the circuit, which is typically 120 volts for a home electrical system. Because generators are most efficient at 50% load, select a generator that is about twice the rated capacity of all the devices you will need during an outage.

Can I run my whole home on a generator?

Standby generators are available in a wide range of outputs, and they can be configured to run just a few important circuits during a power outage or your entire home.

How long will a whole-home generator last?

As long as all the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer is performed consistently at the required intervals, a standby generator can be expected to last 25 to 30 years, depending on how often it is used. At Wenbrooke Services, we can provide all the care and maintenance your generator requires to stay running at its best.

Is there a best time of year to install a whole-home generator?

With the climate in the Hagerstown area, a whole-home generator can be installed nearly any time of the year, though it is far easier during the spring, summer, or fall when the ground is not frozen or covered in snow.